5 steps to find the most experienced orthodontist in Adelaide

When it comes to straightening teeth and aligning jaws, only a specialist orthodontist has the skills, knowledge, and experience to give you the ultimate confidence in your treatment. But when you’re ready to book an appointment with a specialist orthodontist in Adelaide, it can be difficult to understand what you should be doing to find the most experienced orthodontist near you. While you can ask your regular dentist for a referral, this is not necessary and you can reach out to make an appointment with an orthodontist without a referral at any time.

1. Decide what’s important for you

Maybe your primary concern is proximity to your home or office so that attending appointments is easy and convenient. Perhaps you will only see an orthodontist who has at least five years of practical experience. Or maybe since you’re likely to see your orthodontic provider regularly for the next couple of years, you just want someone who makes you feel comfortable and likes a good chat. Decide what your priorities are so you know what you’re looking for when you do your search.

2. Search for specialist orthodontists

You can use the Finder Tool on our website to search your preferred area for an ASO registered specialist orthodontist. This function allows you to search the database of the Australian Society of Orthodontists for members and their contact details based on postcode, suburb or state. You can even search by name if you have received recommendations from dentists or your friends.

3. Check their qualifications

Here’s the important part, it’s time to check your specialist orthodontist’s credentials. If you found them using the Orthodontics Australia Finder Tool, you can rest easy because inclusion within the database is limited to dental specialists who have completed the necessary study and practice to become an orthodontist. Alternatively, you can search their name in the AHPRA database to see what they are registered as. Orthodontists should be registered as both dentists and dental specialists.

4. Do your research

How you decide is up to you. Read reviews online, check their website or consult your local general dentist. Check that you’re happy with their service offering and level of care.

5. Book a consultation

The only way to really know what your treatment plan will look like and whether you’re happy with an orthodontist is to book an initial consultation.

Ready? Search for an orthodontist in Adelaide

It’s time to use our Finder Tool to start searching for the top orthodontist in Adelaide.

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