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Can you whiten your teeth while wearing clear aligners?  

February 1, 2023
Can you whiten your teeth while wearing clear aligners?  

When it comes to clear aligner treatment and teeth whitening, both are possible. But perhaps not in the way you previously would have. Because when undergoing orthodontic treatment, it’s especially important not to disrupt the course of your care. Read on for more information.  

Can I whiten my teeth during alignment treatment? 

Most orthodontists would suggest waiting a few months post-treatment to begin any significant teeth whitening. This is because teeth and gums may be more sensitive immediately following orthodontic treatment. This will also make the whitening process more safe and comfortable. However, there are milder types of teeth whitening practices, such as toothpastes, which are usually safe to use during clear aligner treatment. 

Can I use my clear aligners as whitening trays?  

That depends. Many aligner companies now support using clear aligners for teeth whitening. But advice can differ, depending on your specific treatment and needs. It’s best to ask an orthodontist about the right option for you. 

How to use clear aligners to whiten teeth?  

It’s best not to use your clear aligners to whiten teeth. This is because orthodontic-issued clear aligners are designed for orthodontic tooth movement, not for tooth whitening processes.    

Should I get my teeth whitened before getting clear aligners?  

Most orthodontists would recommend waiting until after clear aligner treatment to undergo teeth whitening. Clear aligner treatment usually requires bonding of small plastic gripping points (i.e. attachments) to improve the predictability of the required tooth movements. These small attachments may develop superficial stains over time. Such staining is easily removed at the completion of the aligner treatment when the attachments are removed. If you wait until treatment has finished, you can ensure the best whitening results will be achieved. Most tooth whitening is best and most safely performed by (or under the supervision) your family or general dentist.  

And remember, when it comes to your teeth, always consult with a trusted, specialist orthodontist before doing anything. If you’re ready to begin your orthodontic journey, you can find an orthodontist near you using our finder tool to search the ASO database for registered specialist orthodontists in your area. 

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