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How do I become an Orthodontist?

September 26, 2017
How do I become an Orthodontist?

If you’ve recently undergone orthodontic treatment, your close proximity to your orthodontist may have sparked some interest. As any orthodontist will tell you, it is a fascinating field to work in, but many people are unsure about how they go about becoming an orthodontist.

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What is an orthodontist?

Before you can become an orthodontist you first have to understand what an orthodontist actually is. While you might think that an orthodontist is just a dentist with a fancier name, the reality is that they’re highly trained specialists. In addition to completing a general dental degree just like your family dentist, an orthodontist goes on to complete an additional three year full time university degree in orthodontics. This gives them the knowledge to become a specialist in irregularities of the teeth and jaw, making them perfectly positioned to help straighten teeth and correct bites.

To become an orthodontist in Australia you must:

  • Complete an AHPRA registered general dental degree.
  • Have the equivalent of at least two years clinical experience as a dentist.
  • Complete an accredited three year full-time university degree in orthodontics.
  • Be registered as a Specialist in Orthodontics.

Orthodontic Courses in Australia are accredited by the Australian Dental Council and reviewed by the ASO. Prospective applicants should obtain information from the relevant institution before applying for admission.

University of Adelaide

University of Melbourne

University of Sydney

University of Queensland

University of Western Australia

University of Otago*

* New Zealand orthodontists are able to register and practice in Australia under mutual recognition. However, not all overseas qualifications are accepted for specialist registration in Australia.

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