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Giving children
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We’re here to bring a confident smile to the faces of children in lower income families for whom professional orthodontic treatment would normally be out of reach.
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How it works

For some families orthodontic care for children can be prohibitively expensive and for many unattainable. This is why orthodontic professionals around Australia have pledged their support to the Give a Smile initiative.

Health Care Card

You need to be a Health Care Card holder or Pension Card holder.

Waiting list

You or your child must already be on the waiting list for orthodontic treatment in the public dental service of the state or territory where you live.

Orthodontist appointment

‘Give a Smile’ simply receives patients and allocates them to appropriate specialist orthodontists.

If you are not already on the public dental health waiting list, please contact your relevant state and territory public dental health service (contacts here) to book an orthodontic consultation. Please note that Give a Smile does not select patients, Give a Smile orthodontists treat patients sent from the public dental health service waiting list.

Smile stories

Since ‘Give a Smile’s’ inception in 2005, we’ve been honoured to help many wonderful young people. these are just a few of their stories.
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Still can’t find what you want?
Find an Orthodontist near you