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3 Reasons to see an orthodontist for your child’s braces

May 29, 2018
3 Reasons to see an orthodontist for your child’s braces

If you have been looking into orthodontic treatment for your family, you may be a little confused by the wealth of information and options that have become available. Many dental providers offer braces as part of their range of services, however it is important not to lose sight of some fundamentals in the treatment process. If you want the very best for your family, here are four reasons to see an orthodontist (rather than a dentist) for your orthodontic treatment.

1. They have the knowledge

What do you think you could learn completely in one weekend? It’s not a very long time, after all. For many dental providers offering orthodontic services, this is the extent of their orthodontic training. But specialist orthodontists in Australia are required to complete an additional three years of full time university study to become a specialist orthodontist. This is three years on top of a general dental degree committed entirely on learning how to diagnose and treat crooked teeth, bad bites and facial irregularities to ensure the best course of treatment for your whole family.

Orthodontics Australia - Kids Make You Smile (3 years)

2. They have the experience

Before becoming specialists, orthodontists first obtain a dental degree and undergo at least two years’ clinical experience as a dentist. Then they complete an additional three-year full time university degree to become a specialist of orthodontics.

This equates to over 5,000 hours of study and practice just to be qualified as a specialist orthodontist and gives them the expertise to understand how they can correct bad bites and crooked teeth safely and effectively.

What is an orthodontist?

3. Orthodontics is their only focus

Orthodontics isn’t just part of what an orthodontist does – it’s all they do. All day, every day. Every appointment of every day in an orthodontist’s office is someone having their smile assessed or their orthodontic treatment carried out.

This singular focus allows them to not only build on their experience, but to learn everything they can about their specialisation. Whether it is new technologies, techniques or ways to make your treatment more comfortable. You can rest assured that your orthodontist is on the frontline.

Considering orthodontic treatment? 

You can search for a specialist orthodontist near you who can advise on the best and safest course of treatment for you or your family.

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