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Stephanie – QLD

I was very lucky to be picked out of lots of kids; it is very nice that there are people out there that want to help.

– said Stephanie.
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Closeup after

Stephanie’s Journey…

Stephanie had so many orthodontic problems that she was too embarrassed to smile or to laugh when she was first accepted into the Give a Smile program. After her first assessment by Give a Smile Orthodontist Dr Christopher Ho, she was diagnosed with a Class 3 malocclusion, the most severe class of misalignment of the jaw and teeth. Her lower teeth were completely in front of the upper teeth, causing the front teeth not to be able to bite into foods, and making the face and smile look abnormal.

This type of bad bite can cause severe functional problems to a person’s general heath – mainly because the teeth cannot chew food properly and can also create much greater wear and tear on the back teeth. In order to correct Stephanie’s condition, Dr. Ho had three of Stephanie’s teeth extracted and then he put braces on all her upper and lower teeth, along with elastics for further correction. The teeth and bite were corrected in less than two years.

The teeth and bite were corrected in less than two years. Stephanie was described by Dr. Ho as an enthusiastic patient and the “happy returns” of her treatment were obvious in her reaction:

Thank you for giving me straight teeth and more confidence, I am so grateful to everyone.

said Stephanie.
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