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I am so happy and feel very pretty and I’m more confident”

– Sienna

Sienna’s Journey…

I was super insecure about my teeth ever since I was a young girl in primary school. I used to get picked on and everyone would say that I was different from everybody else because of my teeth. I was friends with a lot of the cool girls in school and they were all really pretty with perfect teeth and amazing smiles and I just felt very insecure and ugly at such a young age.

I reached out to multiple dentists, and they said that I wasn’t eligible for braces. Then I reached high school the bullying still continued I did not feel confident at all I was going through puberty, so I was breaking out in my skin, I had bad teeth, so I was feeling really insecure.

During high school hitting puberty and moving on to adult life you want to feel your best and that was just something that I didn’t feel so I tried and tried my very best looking for a practitioner that would really help me and I feel like Dr Gareth Ho really help me reach my goals with my teeth.

Dr Ho helped understand the Give a Smile program. I am so happy and feel very pretty and I’m more confident. I can now feel comfortable going to work and communicating with people face-to-face and not having to worry about whether they are judging me. I struggled for nearly seven years, I was very insecure, and Dr Ho really has fixed this problem and has made my life 100 times better. I can’t explain to you how good it feels and how understanding he has been through this whole process. I would 1000% recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.


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