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Mani – NSW

Mani’s teeth look amazing! I appreciate all your hard work.

– Mani’s mother said.
Closeup before
Closeup after

Mani’s journey…

Mani did not have nearly enough space for his unerupted upper permanent canine teeth, which are the last teeth forward of the back molars to come down through the gum. Without orthodontic treatment to make space for them, these upper canines would have either become stuck under the gum or they would have erupted in front of the adjacent incisor teeth and been up and out partly under the lip.  

Treatment took less than two years to complete with braces applied to Mani’s upper and lower teeth. Mani and his mother were delighted with the result and Dr Rapaport and the team at My Orthodontist were pleased to be able to give Mani the treatment needed to give him a confident, happy and healthy smile. 

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