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Emma is very special to us – she was our very first patient. When we first met her at the age of ten, Emma had a significant malocclusion (a ‘bad bite’) with severely prominent upper front teeth – which were 13.5mm ahead of her lower teeth (Generally 2mm is the ideal). Her upper jaw was narrow, her teeth crowded and her lips could not meet comfortably.

Closeup before
Closeup after

Emma’s journey…

The treatment objective for Emma’s malocclusion was to achieve an ideal, fully corrected bite without the need to extract any of her permanent teeth. Emma started treatment in June 2005 with braces on all her upper teeth and a fixed functional appliance to bring the lower teeth and chin forward.

The results: Emma’s mum, Carol, was delighted. As she said : “It is lovely to see her lovely smile coming out. It makes me happy that Give a Smile has given Emma and other children the opportunity to be treated and avoid the huge wait which she would have had in the public system”.

Emma, now 22, has had her braces off for many years and, as you can see from her final photographs, she has a great bite and a fantastic smile!

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