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Smile Stories

Elizabeth – WA

Give a Smile is a great foundation. I am truly fortunate to have been chosen to take part in this program.

– said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s Journey…

When Elizabeth entered the Give a Smile program, she was a young girl who was incredibly shy and reluctant to smile. She suffered from severe upper and lower crowding which caused her teeth to overlap and look crooked.

Elizabeth started her treatment with Dr Andrew Cayley recently and is already impressed with the results “The treatment has made me more confident in myself because I can already see the changes taking place and it’s very exciting to watch my teeth straighten up” – said Elizabeth. As with all treatments, Dr Cayley has spent many hours of specialized care with Elizabeth to help her on the path to a lovely, even smile. Upper and lower braces have been fixed to Elizabeth’s teeth and will work to progressively move her teeth back into place.

Dr Cayley and his staff have been delighted to have worked with Elizabeth, looking forward to their regular appointments and forming a great friendship.

I would like to say a big thank you to Dr Cayley and his staff for their generosity and kindness. I feel comfortable going to the orthodontist because they are all so friendly,

said Elizabeth.
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