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Cheyenne – SA

Give a Smile gave me the opportunity to have orthodontic care that my family wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise

– said Cheyenne.

Cheyenne’s Journey…

Before Cheyenne entered the Give a Smile program, she lacked confidence and rarely liked to smile if it meant she had to expose her teeth. Once assessed by Give a Smile orthodontist, Dr.John Cameron, it became apparent that her problems were caused by protruding incisors, (“teeth sticking out”) crowded lower incisors (“crowded bottom teeth) and gaps between her teeth.

In order to correct Cheyenne’s condition Dr. Cameron applied full upper and lower fixed braces to straighten her teeth and bonded wire retainers to keep them straight. The treatment has enabled Cheyenne to have better lip function as her teeth no longer protruded uncomfortably outside her mouth. Dr. Cameron and his staff have been delighted to have worked with Cheyenne and said they also believed they had benefited from the Give a Smile program.

“The staff and I feel are extremely happy to be able to give someone like Cheyenne, the opportunity to benefit from orthodontic treatment,” said Dr Cameron. As a grateful recipient, Cheyenne offered the following words to Give a Smile and Dr.Cameron:

Thank you so much for everything. You are all lovely and I hope other people can benefit from the program like I have

– said Cheyenne.
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