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Alyssa – VIC

For the first time in my life, I feel beautiful and confident.

– said Alyssa.
Closeup before
Closeup after

Alyssa’s journey…

As a teenager, Alyssa suffered with serious health complications as a result of her underdeveloped jaw, severe overcrowding and a 13mm overbite. In addition to needing specialist orthodontic treatment, Alyssa also required corrective jaw surgery to help relieve ongoing health issues including sinus and breathing challenges and difficulty chewing and closing her mouth.

Within a month of seeing Dr Kip Homewood, Alyssa had four extractions and braces applied along with a maxillary expander. Within two weeks of treatment commencing, she noticed a difference in the amount of pressure released on her sinuses and her breathing had significantly improved. As treatment continued, she noticed improvements in relation to chewing and being able to close her mouth. She then underwent mandibular advancement surgery, and her wisdom teeth were removed. Alyssa’s orthodontic treatment was completed in three years.

As someone who moved out of home quite young, I felt that it would be impossible to seek dental work, let alone afford braces. When I realised that I was eligible to receive treatment under the Give a Smile program I burst into tears – I’d never been so happy.

This process has changed my life. I can chew, smile with confidence, I can breathe properly, and I can look in the mirror and smile back at myself. Incredible things like this don’t usually happen to people like me, people in difficult circumstances. For the first time in my life, I feel beautiful and confident.

said Alyssa.
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