A guide to getting braces on your ‘six front teeth’

When your biggest dental concern is the look of your smile, you might be wondering why orthodontists bother adding braces beyond the first six teeth. While there are some instances where it is suitable and safe to only treat the six front teeth, there are still plenty of considerations that patients need to keep in mind.

Can you straighten just front teeth?

Treating the six front teeth is purely for aesthetic improvements of these teeth, and is most popular with adults. Some orthodontic appliance brands specialise in this type of treatment, which means it is possible to straighten just your front teeth in some instances.

What are partial braces for front teeth only?

Partial braces are an aesthetic treatment that does just what we were describing above – straighten your six front teeth. Brackets are attached to the most visible front teeth, with the arch wire fixed to brackets on the back molars. Partial braces won’t address underlying jaw alignment issues or a bad bite, making them an incomplete treatment that most orthodontists don’t recommend.

What is single arch orthodontic treatment?

Ever noticed how your top and bottom teeth follow a rough U-shape or arch? That’s why they’re known as dental arches. With single arch orthodontic treatment, braces are affixed to either your top or bottom teeth. As with partial braces, this treatment is chiefly for aesthetic purposes as it won’t fix any serious alignment issues with your mouth or jaw.

Still curious? Here’s everything you need to know about getting braces on your six-front teeth.

Can braces work in 3-6 months?

The main reason patients may choose braces for just their six front teeth rather than pursuing full treatment is the shortened time frame and perceived reduced cost.

On average, these quick braces may take anywhere between 3 to 6 months, depending on your unique teeth and jaw configuration. This may be less than half the time of a full treatment, which may take anywhere between 1 year and 3 years. However, a reduction in treatment time is usually coupled with a limitation of treatment.

It’s important to note that treatments can be quicker, while some treatments take a little longer. It all depends on how crowded or spaced your teeth are.

braces for two teeth

What are the benefits of these quick braces

Adults are most likely to get braces for just their front teeth. Many individuals who elect to get this type of braces to choose to do so because they do not want to commit to long-term treatment. They also may not require orthodontic treatment for irregularities of the jaw and simply want to improve the look of their smile.

There are several full treatment braces options for adults that are inconspicuous and address underlying issues such as misaligned jaws, but this quicker option may be suitable for individuals who are looking to get straighter teeth without addressing their bite.

What else you may want to consider

Many adults believe braces are just for straightening teeth, but that’s just one of many myths of orthodontics. Because braces for your six front teeth are for aesthetic purposes only, they do not address the underlying causes of crowded teeth, jaw pain, or a bad bite. As such, they are considered an incomplete treatment by most orthodontists.

If you choose to get braces for just your six front teeth, irregularities in your jaw and underlying issues with your bite will not be resolved. There are potential long term risks associated with this incomplete treatment, including jaw pain, unnatural wear of your teeth or increased risk of orthodontic relapse (meaning your teeth will go back to their original position).

There are further limitations to only treating your six front teeth. How quickly your teeth move is biologically determined. Therefore a short or reduced treatment time may not fully straighten your teeth and they remain slightly crowded. Furthermore, when someone smiles more than just their front six teeth are revealed. It usually incorporates the front eight to ten teeth and may even include all top teeth. Therefore focussing on just the six front teeth will not completely straighten the smile.

As with all orthodontic treatments, prices may vary for six front teeth braces. As a general guideline, these braces may cost $1500 or more depending on your orthodontist’s fees and your individual needs.

invisalign for front teeth only

Consult a specialist orthodontist

The types of treatment that are suitable for your smile and the duration of your treatment will depend on the relationship between your teeth and jaws. You should consult a specialist orthodontist to have the most thorough assessment of the health of your smile. They will provide you with a range of options to address your concerns; from improving the aesthetics of your six front teeth to improving your bite as well.

Want to find out what options you have to improve the look and health of your smile? You can use our Find an Orthodontist Tool to find the right specialist for you.


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