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Why it’s important to check what type of orthodontic provider you’re seeing

July 5, 2018
Why it’s important to check what type of orthodontic provider you’re seeing

When it comes to making big decisions such as orthodontic treatment for yourself or your family, compromise is just not an option.

Recognising that your orthodontic care is complex, and requires specialist experience, is the first step towards getting the best outcomes and value for your specific needs. In fact, who you choose as your medical practitioner in any healthcare or cosmetic environment is a critical step in any successful treatment plan.

Why choose a specialist?

Only a specialist orthodontist has the experience and knowledge to provide you with all the options and deliver safe and effective treatment.

You wouldn’t go to your GP for a heart problem – you’d get a cardiologist on board: someone who’s seen, worked with and treated similar conditions; someone you can trust with your treatment outcomes.

The same can be said for orthodontic treatment. Although the fast fixes and cheap claims of other orthodontic providers may often seem appealing, seeing a University trained and ASO registered specialist orthodontist for straightening teeth and aligning jaws is the only way you can have true confidence in your treatment journey.

It takes more than an 8-hour weekend course to master the complexities involved in orthodontic treatment. In fact, orthodontists have undergone an additional three years of specialist training to master the art of the perfect smile. And three years of full-time specialist medical study is a big deal, packed with lecture halls, libraries, 5000 hours of practical hands-on experience and invaluable expertise.

The dangers of settling for less

Although you should still be seeing your family dentist for general dental health and hygiene concerns, entrusting unqualified professionals with your orthodontic care is a risky business.

Patients swayed by the attractive promises of ‘quick braces’ and fast orthodontic fixes by their general dentist or online purchased aligners often run the chance of having to extend or repeat expensive treatments. No one wants to have treatment twice, but unfortunately this is a very common occurrence.

Your smile is a big deal – it’s an investment in your child’s health and confidence as they grow. You want to know you’re not only getting what you pay for, but that you are in safe hands. Good orthodontic treatment can last a lifetime – but bad orthodontic treatment can too. Don’t let inexperienced practitioners cause harm or hassle for you and your family as you strive to realise true confidence with the perfect smile.

Not sure if your family is seeing a specialist orthodontist?

It might seem like anyone who offers orthodontic services is an orthodontist, but often this isn’t the case. There are currently no laws in place that regulate what training is required to offer orthodontic services. So while a specialist orthodontist has completed 3 years of full time additional specialist study and hands-on practice on top of their general dental degree, many other providers have as little as 1- 2 days training. Do you feel confident in your ability to master something as important as orthodontics in only 2 days?

Only a specialist orthodontist has 5000 hours of training behind them and they dedicate their lives to this field, continually updating their skills and knowledge. Providing patients with the best treatment using braces and aligners is all they do, all day, every day.

Whether you’re looking into a new practitioner, or are already seeing someone for your orthodontic care, use our new tool to search the ASO database for registered, specialist orthodontists in your area.

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