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What are the best braces colours for teens?

March 24, 2022
What are the best braces colours for teens?

While many teens are apprehensive about beginning their orthodontic treatment, it is made easier by the ability to customise the appearance of their braces for a look that is entirely their own. The best braces colours for teens will ultimately come down to personal preference, but we’ll explore creative ways to take control of their orthodontic treatment.

How are braces colours changed?

The plastic modules that secure the archwire to the individual tooth brackets – also known as ligatures or o-rings – can be changed to allow the wire to be changed or tightened.

There are a wide variety of possible colours to choose from. However, more subtle options are available. Your orthodontist will ask which colour bands you would like at each appointment – and that’s where you can get creative.

Here are some of the popular braces colours for teens:

Team colours

Show your support for your favourite sporting club by wearing their colours on your teeth. It could be the team you support or even the team you play for to really show your team spirit.

Match your favourite clothes

If you find yourself always gravitating towards the same coloured clothes, then keep your braces in line with your personal style for a cohesive look.

Get festive

Let your teeth celebrate key milestones throughout the year with braces colours that match the decorations. Think pink and red for Valentine’s Day, red and green for Christmas or orange and black for Halloween. Just be aware that unless you need an emergency orthodontic appointment (such as when you dislodge a bracket or break your wire) you’re likely to have the colours even after the special date or holiday has passed.

Flow with the seasons

Why not try matching your braces to the weather outside? Neon colours in the brightness of summer, or more understated, cool colours in winter. Interpret the seasons in your own way with your smile.

Make it your own

While the actual colours available at your orthodontist may vary depending on the brand that they use, it is an opportunity to do things your way. Ask to see their colour options so you can plan ahead for your next appointment and create a colour combination that’s entirely your own.

Do the colours affect how my teen cares for their braces?

As long as your teen is following their orthodontist’s advice and proper care instructions for their braces, then the colours of their braces will not make a difference.

However, just like a white shirt, your white and clear bands may be prone to staining if you’re particularly fond of colourful foods like tomato sauce and curry. If you want a subtle look and want to avoid staining, then go for silver or grey bands to better blend in with the brackets.

Which colours will make your teeth look whiter?

As your primary school art classes taught you, some colours are more complimentary than others. If your teen has slightly yellow teeth, then white bands may make them appear more yellow by comparison. These are the colours that can make your teeth appear whiter:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Dark red

How to know what colour braces to get?

Still don’t know what colour you want? There is no right or wrong way to pick your braces colours – and best of all, with regular adjustments you can change them every time. Here are some popular ways many patients decide which colour braces to go with:

  • Your favourite colour
  • Complement your eyes using colour theory (pink looks great with blue eyes)
  • Complement your teeth using the tips above, or go with dark blue for a universally flattering shade
  • Go silver or grey if you want to be subtle
  • Or try neon colours if you want to stand out

How your orthodontist can help

If you’re unsure about the best colour to complement the appearance of your teeth, your orthodontist can help you to decide. They often have samples available that you can choose from and hold up against your teeth, or they may apply a few and let you confirm you’re happy with the colour choice before your continue. Check with them on the best way to decide.

The ability to choose the colours of their braces is fun and exciting way for teens to take ownership of their orthodontic treatment and feel empowered by their decisions.

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