It takes a certain type of person…
It takes a certain type of person…
Discover your treatment options
Discover your treatment options
There’s no substitute for a specialist
There’s no substitute for a specialist
Orthodontics for kids and teens
Orthodontics for kids and teens
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About Orthodontics Australia

Orthodontics Australia is the Australian Society of Orthodontists’ public advice channel, created to help you understand the different treatment options available and to find a qualified specialist orthodontist.

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From metal braces to clear aligners, we’ve can help you understand all of your orthodontic treatment options.
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Step-by-step guide to your orthodontic …

From your first appointment to the all-important refinement period, this guide will help take the stress out of your orthodontic treatment. more

All about clear aligners

Clear aligners are one of the most popular courses of orthodontic treatment for adults. more

5 reasons to see an Orthodontist

5 reasons to see an Orthodontist

1. Orthodontists are specialists Orthodontists are experts in their field, specialising in the diagnosis,… more

Consumer Warning: Direct-to-consumer …

Orthodontics Australia strongly urges consumers to be wary of the safety risks of DIY and direct to consumer clear aligner orthodontic products now being offered in Australia. more

Kids and Teens

Young woman with braces and toothbrush and braces brush cleaner
Kids and Teens
Caring for braces

How to have good oral hygiene with braces Tips to take care of your braces Whether you… Read More

Benefits of early orthodontic treatment for children
Considering treatment
Benefits of early treatment

It’s natural to have questions about orthodontic treatment for your child, especially if it’s the first child to get braces… Read More


Considering treatment
Crooked Teeth in Adults

There are a number of things that can cause crooked teeth in adults. But while crooked teeth are not ideal, they are treatable. Read More

News and Media

Giving children around
Australia a reason to smile…
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