Visit the truth fairy

If your child is flaunting a gap-toothed smile in their school pictures and waking in the morning to find the tooth fairy has paid them a visit (and paid them some cold hard cash), then the fact that they’re quickly growing up is probably front of mind. And it should be. In fact, how their teeth and jaw is growing should be something you think about early. And that’s where the Truth Fairy comes in.

Checkup before they grow up

Is your child aged 8 to 10? It’s time to book a visit to the Truth Fairy (aka your local orthodontist), so they can assess your child’s mouth and see what treatment they may (or may not) need in the future. Remember, only a specialist orthodontist can tell you the *truth* about your child’s growing teeth and jaws. One checkup before age 10 can make all the difference.

Ready to find your Truth Fairy?

Once the tooth fairy’s in town, it’s time to book a visit to the Truth Fairy. You can use our Finder Tool to search for an orthodontist in your area, no referral needed.

Visit the truth fairy
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Visit the truth fairy

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Visit the truth fairy

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