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Comparing your treatment options
Comparing your treatment options

There are multiple orthodontic treatment options available, but they don’t suit every smile. Whether you require more complex tooth movements or don’t feel you will comply with the recommended advice for wearing your appliance, there are lots of factors your orthodontist will take into consideration when designing a treatment plan for you.

While our comparison chart will give you an overview of the different treatment options we recommend you read the following articles for more information:

Metal braces

Metal braces are an orthodontic device used to straighten crooked teeth or correct a misaligned jaw. The appliance works by placing constant pressure on each tooth, moving them into the desired position over time. They are tightened at each visit to your orthodontist to ensure your treatment stays on track and the movements occur properly, within the safe or pre-determined time frame.

What is the cost of metal braces?

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces, but they use clear or tooth coloured brackets, rather than grey or metallic silver. When paired with a white arch-wire and clear brackets, their appearance is virtually invisible. As a result, they’re often referred to as clear braces and are a popular choice among appearance-conscious adults.

How much do ceramic braces cost in Australia?

Lingual braces

Lingual braces tend to cost more than traditional braces because they’re an entirely custom solution that have been made in a dental laboratory to perfectly fit your teeth. Treatment with these braces also requires more frequent appointments and much longer appointment times than regular braces, thus also increasing the cost.

Lingual braces: What are they and how much do they cost?

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are made out of a clear, plastic material that’s moulded into the shape of your teeth. From an initial scan or impression, a series of aligners are made to incrementally straighten your teeth. They are custom fit and virtually invisible which makes them a popular choice for those who are self-conscious about undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Clear aligners: How much do they cost in Australia?


Orthodontics Australia recommends you always consult a specialist orthodontist before commencing with any form of orthodontic treatment to ensure the safety of your teeth.

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