Smile Stories

Erin – WA

I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to be a Give a Smile patient. The treatment has put my teeth into perfect shape,

– said Erin.
Erin – WA

Erin’s journey…

Erin was 12 years old when she was accepted into the Give a Smile program and had her first assessment with Dr Kevin Murphy. Prior to treatment, Erin was shy and was reluctant to smile. She suffered from a severe Class 2 malocclusion (“big overbite”) which caused her teeth to protrude outside her mouth.

Erin’s treatment took a little over two years to complete and included maxillary expansion appliances to widen her top jaw as well as full fixed appliances (“braces”) for the latter part of her treatment. As with all treatments, the orthodontist spent many hours of specialised care with Erin to give her a lovely, even smile and a healthy bite. Dr Murphy and his staff were delighted to see the difference in Erin as the treatment progressed. “I know I speak for my staff when I say we are very fortunate and appreciative in our work, to have the opportunity to make our patients’ lives even brighter,” said Dr Murphy. Following her treatment, Erin regained her confidence and began to smile again.

Her mother noticed a change almost immediately:

When her braces came off, she could not stop smiling. What a dazzling smile it was – the most beautiful sight. Thank you to Dr Murphy and his team.

said Erin’s Mum.

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