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It takes a certain type of person to straighten your teeth

March 24, 2022
It takes a certain type of person to straighten your teeth

You only get one smile, and you want to make sure you’re in the hands of the very best.

So, if you’re looking for perfection, when close enough isn’t good enough, make sure you are seeing a specialist orthodontist.

Because it takes a certain type of person to decide to go back to school after completing university and working as a practicing dentist. To spend 3 years and countless late nights in lecture halls and exam rooms, and over 5,000 hours perfecting their craft. To become experts in straightening teeth and aligning jaws.

It takes a certain type of person to go from being a dentist to a specialist orthodontist. And isn’t that the type of person you want straightening your teeth?

It Takes A Certain Type of Person... to be your orthodontist


Orthodontists and dentists both help patients improve their oral health, but in different ways. All registered dentists have studied dentistry, which provides general training in the health and management of the teeth, gum, jaw and nerves. However, orthodontics is a recognised specialty of dentistry that focuses on facial growth, correcting bites and straightening teeth.


What is the difference between orthodontist and dentist?    

Orthodontists and dentists share many similarities – they work together to help you improve your overall oral health – but they actually work in very different ways. Dentists cover a broad range of oral health issues, but an orthodontist, on the other hand, is a specialist with a more singular focus: straightening teeth and aligning jaws. You can read more about the key difference between dentists and orthodontists here. 

How many years of study to become an orthodontist? 

In addition to completing a 5-year general dental degree just like your family dentist, an orthodontist goes on to complete an additional 3- year full time university degree to truly specialise in orthodontics. This gives them the knowledge to become a specialist in irregularities of the teeth and jaw, making them perfectly positioned to help straighten teeth and correct bites. There are only 3-4 Orthodontists trained each year at 5 accredited Australian universities and only the best dentists are selected into these highly selective training programs. 

Facial growth, correcting bites and straightening teeth 

Orthodontists are facial growth and dental development experts. They know how to diagnose and treat crooked teeth, bad bites and poorly aligned jaws. They are experts in all orthodontic care options (e.g. braces and clear aligner treatment) and emerging digital technologies for children, teens and adults. 


If you’re considering any form of orthodontic treatment – from clear aligners to traditional metal braces – you should always book a consultation with a specialist orthodontist first. Use our Finder Tool to find the right type of person for your smile.

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