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ASO_Virtual Monitoring May
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How virtual monitoring can support your …

While many practices were temporarily closed in April this year, virtual monitoring technology meant that orthodontists were still able to stay in touch with their patients and continue supporting them through their treatment. So, what does virtual monitoring and conferencing technology mean for the future of orthodontics? Keep reading to find out. Read More

ASO_Covid Update May
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COVID-19: Restrictions Lifted for …

At Level 1 restrictions, orthodontists are able to provide all treatments using standard safety precautions. This means that the majority of appointments will be able to be completed, pending appointment and safety equipment availability at your local orthodontist. Read More

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Run for the Kids 2020

Every year, a team of Give a Smile orthodontists, staff, friends and family come together to participate in the Herald… Read More

do braces affect your speech
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Do braces affect your speech?

When first beginning your orthodontic journey, it’s normal to have a number of questions for your orthodontist. These are usually… Read More

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