Adult Treatment options

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment and you’re no longer in your teens, you’re not alone! In fact, 62% of Australian adults would consider orthodontic treatment.

What are the adult braces options

New research released by the ASO reveals that over a third of Aussies (39%) don’t like their teeth and, as a result, over the last five years there’s been a significant increase in the number of adults who are looking to straighten their teeth.

Some of the reasons adults are turning to orthodontists to help perfect their smile are:

  • For a boost in confidence
  • For an upcoming special event
  • To perfect a selfie smile
  • For better oral health

Thankfully, orthodontic treatment has come a long way since the days of metal braces and the stigma once associated with braces is all but gone.

What are the adult braces options?

Contemporary orthodontic treatments are designed to be as unobtrusive and practical as possible so you can get on with your life.

While metal braces are still an extremely effective way of straightening teeth and achieving a perfect smile, orthodontic treatment options for adults now include Ceramic (clear) Braces, Lingual (inside) Braces and Clear Aligners (for example Invisalign® / Clear Correct and others).

How long will it take?

The duration of adult orthodontic treatment can be anywhere from six months to three years, depending on the type of treatment you choose and the severity of your presenting problems. Your orthodontist will be able to advise you on this at your consultation.

Is adult orthodontic treatment worth it?

Absolutely! Not only does orthodontic treatment straighten the teeth and create confidence, it can also help in preventing nasty tooth decay and other oral health issues. For many people who are considering orthodontic treatment as an adult, their smile is something that they have been self-conscious about for most of their life.

Getting braces or clear aligners as an adult can be a life-changing experience, especially if you haven’t smiled in a photo for most of your life. So – what are you waiting for?

What next? 

Whether you’re considering traditional braces or a more invisible alternative to braces, only an orthodontist has the training, experience and expert knowledge to be able to offer you the full suite of treatment options and give you the confidence you’re in the best hands.

You don’t need a referral to see an orthodontist so check the Find An Orthodontist tool to find your closest ASO registered orthodontist.

Adult Treatment options

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